Creating Smile-Worthy Moments

I'm going to tell you all something you already know if you're a parent. This season of life is tough. There are toys everywhere, the days are spent running around to Girl Scout meetings, soccer practices and playdates. While some days it is overwhelming, I can honestly say I fully enjoy it. Here is ...

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Finding the Fun in the Mundane

Y'all we have had maybe two nice, sunny days in the last week and a half. We have one or two sunny days within the next week. It's rainy and gray and gloomy. When we woke up this morning, their faces fell at the sight of the wet concrete outside. No running and playing outside today. It's so easy ...

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Currently- January 2018

I think my last Currently post was in August! Wow- the busy life of a mommy blogger, I guess! Or maybe just Mom Life in general! I've been totally trying to be more intentional with these hours in the day. For a while I was so overwhelmed. I found the entire holiday just came and went and I feel ...

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