Wes, I Will Always Choose to Hold You-

Despite the title of this video, sweet Wes is now 6 months old- today. Six months spent loving this beautiful little soul. Watching every smile, hearing every coo, always being there for him to wrap his tiny fingers around my thumbs. I wake for every hunger queue, comfort every cry and stand for hours on end when he tires of sitting. Some people say I’m spoiling him, but is that really a thing? He has been on this earth for 6 short months, a shorter time than he was in my womb, constantly being held and rocked. This world is still new. Everyday a new sound, a new smell, something new to see. If he needs me, or wants me beside him for these new experiences, why would I not hold him?

I will always be in his corner, I will always go running to kiss every boo boo, to heal every broken heart as he grows. Why? Because I am his mother, it’s what I signed up for. I have the luxury of staying home, I have the blessing of being able to be there to do these things. I plan to take full advantage. Motherhood is beautiful, and messy. Motherhood is also a beautiful gift that I treasure.

These moments with my kids this small are fleeting. There is a good chance Westley is our last baby. I am going to make absolutely every moment count. Maybe that means I don’t brush my teeth until noon, wear yoga pants all day and shower twice a week. Do you think that’s what he will remember? I’m pretty sure its not. He will remember that I always made him laugh, that I rocked him to sleep and that I read him stories in funny voices. He will remember be coming to him each time he cried- he will know that he can always count on me.

Maybe I am being emotional today but I will tell you this. Time is a cruel thief. These moments with him as a baby are fleeting. I want to savor every last coo, every hand-jam, every giant toothless grin. One day all I will have are memories and I want as many as I can.

Happy 6 months Earthside, Wes. You are worth it all.

2 comments on “Wes, I Will Always Choose to Hold You-

  1. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt piece! Kenzie-Beth is our last as well. I get told that I baby her too much, too. My oldest is not cuddly at all. Kenzie would choose to be wrapped in my arms all day and night. I think her heart knows she is our last and that mommy needs those cuddles a little more this time around. Let them be little and love them as much as possible. They are little for entirely too little time.

  2. I’m a momma of one. A 19 month old who has only not been rocked by me to sleep for a total of 13 nights of his entire life. It’s our thing and it’s what we do. I love that it’s ours to share. He’s loved by many but me the most. And that’s fine, I give him all my love even on those trying days when I question why I wanted to be a momma.
    Such a sweet testament to your sweet baby boy.

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