Building Baby’s Library- Create a Cozy Book Nook in the Nursery

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If you’re like me, during your pregnancy you picture cozy reading spaces where you will sit and rock and read to your baby- baby’s first library, if you will.  With my first born, Ada, that was a beautiful reality. With Greyson we had books, but we were often reading Ada’s books, in Ada’s bed at Ada’s time of choosing. With baby #3, Wes, I knew I wanted to build him a sweet little library that could grow with him over the years. I also wanted a cozy area where we could sit and read, as well as simple, shelving that kept the books out of reach. If you have toddlers then you understand why this was key… These kids pull out every book and we have SO MANY.

Anyways, lets start with the shelving! Wes’ nursery is simple, minimalist, white walls, gray accents and natural wood décor. I knew I wanted simple, natural wooden shelves and I knew I wanted them on the area of wall behind the small nursery door. Our nursery is small, so simple style and small in size was important because I didn’t want the shelves to take up the whole room! I found these shelves on Amazon, they are Ikea (which we don’t have nearby) and I LOVE them! It was a major bonus that they were included in Prime, so they came in just two days!

baby's first library, ikea, shelves, book shelves, book shelf, ikea book shelf, book storage, nursery storage, a mom inspired, nashville mom, nashville mom blog, minimalist, minimalist nurseryAfter getting them hung I was so anxious to get books to add to my baby’s first library! I browsed local stores, but nothing really jumped out at me, or if something did, I couldn’t justify the $10 price tag- that’s crazy for ONE book, RIGHT?! There had to be an easier solution. I looked online but the amount of choices is so overwhelming! Then I found Bookroo!

bookroo, babys first library, book nook, book subscription, baby's first library

My problems were all solved. Not only is it affordable, but it’s exciting to have a surprise each month! I love being surprised by the book choices and being presented with options I may never have found on my own! We tried the 3 month subscription of board books! These great quality board books are the perfect size for these sweet shelves and for building baby’s first library!

baby's first library, ikea, ikea shelves, baby library, book nook, baby books

baby's first library

The colors and animals interest both Wes, who is now 5 months, and Grey who is two. Grey loves when the boxes arrive, each one is wrapped like a present and he loves to tear into the beautiful patterned paper to reveal the new books- 3 to be exact! He loves to line the books up for “his” baby to see. Then Grey will pick one out and point to all of the pictures and make sure Wes sees it all.

bookroo, monthly subscription, book subscription, baby, babys first library, nashville mom, nashville blog, mom blog, nashville mom blog, baby's first libraryI don’t really know if there is anything better than siblings bonding over reading. Reading has always been a huge part of my life which is why it is so important for me to instill a love of reading in my own children from a young age. I am so thankful there are companies who treasure learning as much as I do. I’m so thankful we found Bookroo, we’ve been able to find so many new and fun books! What are some of your favorites?


12 comments on “Building Baby’s Library- Create a Cozy Book Nook in the Nursery

  1. We have those shelves in our nursery, as well! They are perfect for little kids to choose and put away their board books. We love the BabyLit, All Aboard, and My Little Cities series.

  2. First of all, your baby is stinkin’ adorable. Second, I love book nooks for kids! Although I will say that we technically have one, but it doesn’t get used that much. The books (and tiny readers) seem to end up all over the house lol.

  3. These little book shelves are so cute! We love story time with the kids and its so fun to see them come alive with the books!

  4. I’ve never heard of this program. We purchased a ton of books for our first son and have just reused them for our second, but this is a great way to refresh our collection. Your little is adorable btw!

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