Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Suction Plates

As parents we are always looking for things to make meal time easier, right?

We all know the struggle, plates being pushed away when your toddler doesn’t want to eat, being played with like a top, or the very worst- being thrown on the floor! Picture this- pregnant mom, constantly getting up to pick the plate off the floor. No, I can’t bend over, I literally have to hold onto the table and slowly drop myself down to my knees because this baby is SO LOW! It was getting tiring and ridiculous and quite honestly, super frustrating. I was dreading mealtime. Yogurt in the bowl? You guessed it,Β  splattered on windows and walls when the bowl was eventually tossed aside. I get it, kids will be kids, he must be fascinated with the ejected food flying through the air- he thinks its hilarious. Well, that’s all well and good that he wants to have fun, but its just no okay, am I right?

Nuby to the rescue!

The Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Suction Plates are a GAME CHANGER, Y’ALL!

They are 100% Silicone which is FANTASTIC! No more cheap, flimsy plates in our home! These are so sturdy and SO easy to clean. Dishwasher and Microwave safe for those of us who don’t always have the time to hand wash and who need to heat up something in a pinch! If hand washing is your style, let me tell you, these amazing plates rinse clean SO easily!

They are designed to stick to the table and they hold up to the test 100% of the time! No more flying plates full of yogurt or spaghetti! No more dinnertime squats- save those for the gym! These plates were designed 100% for making meal time easier.

They come in gorgeous, vibrant colors like coral, aqua, blue and green and are available at Babies R’ Us!

Be sure to check @amominspired on Instagram later today- Saturday, May 6th for a chance to win a Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Slip Mat of your choice!


65 comments on “Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Suction Plates

  1. My daughter finds some kind of joy in tossing her plates full of food on the floor. Or maybe she just likes eating off the floor. I’d love to see if something like this would keep this from happening.

  2. My 2 year old loves tossing his plate all the time. It makes me crazy he thinks it’s hilarious and my dog is getting fat. I seriously need to invest in these plates.

  3. Oh man. This product looks awesome. I am currently pregnant right now and would love to use this with my baby. I wish this had been around with my other 3 kids. What a lifesaver!

  4. These would be awesome for my 22 month old and 3 yr old. They’re ALWAYS dumping bowls on the floor! UGH!😝

  5. My niece has these mats and they make all the difference. I would love them for my little girl due in June!

  6. I need one of these bad! We are starting to do a lot of traveling and I need this for the long plane trips!! I wonder why throwing plates is the funniest thing every for my little man….?? I don’t see the humor in it. Lol! Great post.

  7. How cool are these! My just turned 1 little monster is finally breaking away from all the purΓ©e pouches and is gobbling down all the fruits and veggies!

  8. This would for sure be perfect with our little one while she’s trying all the newness of solids!! πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve heard so many great things about these mats!! These would be a huge improvement from the high chair tray!! Love them and the colors!!

  10. Can’t wait to order one for my new little one. If I only knew about this with my first son!!!!!! So cool.

  11. My 2yr old twin girls think its funny when they try swapping bowls of spaghetti and they end up on the floor.

  12. We’d love to try one! My daughter is at the age she loves to throw the plate on the floor to feed the dog!

  13. My 1 year old likes to chuck any and everything off her tray to share with the dog. We need these in our home!!

  14. My son currently likes to pick up his plate to “show off”…which ends up falling/sliding off his plate and he just goes, “Oopsie!” πŸ™ˆ Think I know what to get now! πŸ˜… – swtlildreamz @ IG

  15. This would be great to have with my toddler. She loves to try and through her late I the floor leaving a mess to clean when she succeeds.

  16. Yes! I’m so tired of half-dumped bowls! Love that these are working for you – and congrats on your soon to arrive little one!

  17. The design and material looks amazing! No more spills! Nuby Sure Grip Mat to the rescue! Thanks for sharing this on your blog! This is a great find!

    1. They’re great! We have two of these and one in the older style and these are AMAZING, we tried so many suction plates and none helped! These were a lifesaver, and being 100% silicone makes me feel so much better about serving their food on them!

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